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What attendees are saying...

"I really enjoyed her energy and personality..." Bianca G.

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for inspiring my teacher candidates to be culturally sensitive in their classrooms. They enjoyed your presentations, and many said that they learned so much about themselves and different cultures...One student commented that she believes you should do these presentations for all future educations and current teachers. I totally agree with that statement. Thanks again so much for taking time out of your schedule to plant the seed of cultural awareness to our college’s teacher candidates." Keisha P.

"You opened my eyes to activities that cannot only reach students in my classroom, but possibly my community and/or family. You allowed me to express my feelings and observations that I have seen in this world and changed my heart throughout the process. Thank you for giving a huge learning opportunity." Daisy C.

“Well done! It was about our kids and not someone’s political correctness.” Mike S.

“Eye opening! I realized that my students that do not speak English are sometimes ignored. I will do better!” Deena C.  

“The interaction was excellent! That in itself helped start breaking down stereotypes…” Courtney A.

“Very engaging! She helped us feel comfortable talking about these topics…” Deana R. 

“Just happy to have been part of this workshop! The openness that the facilitator brought out of us. Her energy was amazing. Glad I attended.” Jeffrey M.

“This workshop was very informative. I was enlightened on many different cultures. We learned that you definitely cannot stereotype based on looks. The interactive games we played proved that truth also. Awesome workshop.” Tiffany S.

"The presenter was transparent and zealous. Excellent presentation on cultural awareness.” Rowena R.

"The workshop was really good and helpful." Pete J. 

"The presentation was great...the facilitator's attitude and humor while presenting...very easy to learn from!" Anonymous

"I loved the relatedness and the engagement." JaNice W.

"I enjoyed the presenter's positive attitude and disposition." Felicia G. 

"I enjoyed the case studies. They brought to light real scenarios that could actually happen." Anonymous

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