A Heritage Accepted School is given the highest honor to recognize work done for creating global citizens. In order to be given this recognition, schools must fulfill the following requirements: 

          1. Provide cultural awareness professional development to faculty and staff

          2. Possess a diverse classroom library in at least 80% of classrooms 

          3. Participate in our Heritage Accepted Competition (HAC)


Our Heritage Accepted Competition (HAC) is a cultural awareness competition designed for any student enrolled in a public or private school in South Carolina. HAC was developed in Florida from several cultural awareness events. Organizations initially participated independently. However, there arose a desire to revolutionize how we raised cultural awareness throughout the world. Years later, a local, regional, and state competition was established in order to preserve cultural awareness and display students' global citizenship.


HAC consists of three categories:


Category One: competition for contestants in grades fourth through fifth

Category Two: competition for contestants in grades sixth through eighth

Category Three: competition for contestants in grades ninth through twelve

Using our Cultural Awareness: An Implementation Guide, registered schools will execute a cultural awareness event with their school. The winners, or qualifiers, of that event will advance to our regional competition. Qualifiers will then advance to our state competition. 

Local-Level Competition
Schools in the state will hold their own cultural awareness event. 
Regional-Level Competition
Winners from each school will compete with other schools in their region.
State-Level Competition
Winners from each region will compete with other regions in the state.

Before a contestant can advance to the regional and state competition, local participation must be accomplished. Although local schools have the flexibility to determine how the qualifiers are selected, only two from each school can proceed to the next level.

School Eligibility

  1. Must be located in South Carolina

  2. Must be public or private

  3. Must complete registration

  4. Must advance two students to regional competition

  5. Must purchase one of the following starter kits and use for school-level competition (only $350)












A school should be registered by a school employee. Such employees include, but are not limited to, the principal, assistant principal, administrative assistant, teacher, and club sponsor.


Each school must have a designated event coordinator. This person must implement the school-level competition using the implementation guide. It is the responsibility of the event coordinator that all deadlines are met and documents submitted. Changes to the event coordinator can be accomplished by emailing us at info@heritageaccepted.com. Finally, the event coordinator cannot be related to any contestant who is actively participating in the competition at the school level.


Student Eligibility

  1. Must be enrolled at a registered school

  2. Must participate at the school level before advancing to the regional and/or state level

  3. Must study a new culture if participated in former years

If a contestant at your school can no longer participate in the regional or state competition, your runner-up or second place winner can be an alternate. However, the regional and state qualifiers must be the same. Therefore, if your regional qualifier cannot participate in the state competition, your school will be disqualified.

HAC Starter Kit - GOLD EDITION includes two implementation guides, ten student workbooks, and access to online resources. It is suitable for middle and high school students. HAC materials are the property of the registered school and should not be transferred or given to another school for implementation. Copyright laws are strictly enforced.

HAC Starter Kit - SILVER EDITION includes two implementation guides, fifty books in the Ellis and Elise Collection, and access to online resources. It is suitable for elementary and middle school students. HAC materials are the property of the registered school and should not be transferred or given to another school for implementation. Copyright laws are strictly enforced.

Awards and recognition will be given to all participating schools. Winners at the regional and state level competition will receive a scholarship, trophy, or and/medallion based on their achievement. Winning schools at the regional and state level in each category will receive a plaque recognizing their school as a SC Regional Heritage Accepted School and/or SC Heritage Accepted School providing all requirements have been fulfilled. 


Presently, HAC is opened to schools in South Carolina. Cultural awareness resources, however, are accessible to schools globally.  


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