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Strategies for Molding Culturally-Sensitive Children                 PARENT SESSION ONLY

This workshop is appropriate for parents/guardians who are interested in learning how their cultural attitudes are projected on their children and what they can do to better prepare them to be leaders in multicultural America. 



Dispelling Cultural Stereotypes
This workshop is acceptable for participants who are interested in learning how to dissipate cultural stereotypes. 


Strategies for Creating a Culturally-Sensitive Environment 

Suitable for teachers, administrators, and key leaders, this workshop develops the importance of cultural awareness and its influence on student achievement. 


Building Relational Capacity 
This workshop attempts to strengthen employee relationships, build trust, and dispel cultural stereotypes.


Diversity Breeds Success
This workshop discusses the advantages of cultural diversity in the workplace.


Miscommunicated Communication
This workshop explores the effect of cross-cultural miscommunication. 


Valued Cultural Traditions & Beliefs
This workshop evaluates cultural values, traditions, and beliefs. 


More Similar Than Different
This workshop investigates cross-cultural similarities that are dominate in various cultures.


Customized Workshop
This workshop is acceptable for organizations who want a more customized approach. Tell us about your organization and we will create a workshop that is right for you!

Depending on your package: 

Workshops are FREE!

Workshops are between one to seven hours at your desired location. 

Workshops include a FREE book for each participant. 

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