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Heritage AcceptED is a research-based company that seeks to elevate cultural competence in organizations and individuals. As the creator of National Cultural Awareness Day, Heritage AcceptED focuses on using ground-breaking research and data to effectively break down cultural barriers by innovatively increasing cultural awareness.  

Mission: To revolutionize how we raise cultural awareness for the appreciation of all peoples. 
Vision: People globally will be culturally educated, appreciated, and empowered to embrace cultural                           diversity. 
Core Values: 
-  Innovation and Education: We are committed to creative thinking and continuous learning and             growth. 
-  Compassion and Respect: We are committed to helping others and ensuring a safe professional          relationship, free from any form of discrimination. 
-  Integrity and Ethics: We are committed to doing what is right and fair to all. 
-  Excellence and Consistency: We are committed to completing projects outstandingly well,                      habitually.

-  Provide customized workshops and trainings to organizations that wish to create a productive           environment by increasing its cultural capacity. 

-  Administer an annual state-wide cultural awareness competition to demonstrate knowledge of         cultures within public and private institutions. 

-  Consult and collaborate with schools and other organizations to create an action plan suitable for      immediate implementation. 

-  Produce rich resources to aid in developing a culturally competent individual.  

-  Conduct interviews of people in various cultures to demonstrate cultural existence,                              empowerment, and pride.

-  Celebrate National Cultural Awareness Day every year on April 26th to shed light on multicultural      America.

-  Donate nationally and internationally through our beCause of LOVE campaign to organizations

   desiring to make a positive difference in the world.

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