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National Cultural Awareness Day (NCAD) was created in order to shed light on multicultural America. Every year on April 26, NCAD is observed and celebrated across the nation. Join in the celebration as we work together to create a nation that embraces one another regardless of cultural differences. 


1. Attend a cultural event in your community. 

2. Post on social media a picture of how you are celebrating NCAD. Use                                #heritageaccepted and #celebrateNCAD

3. Wear attire common in your culture and share the significance with another person.

4. Create a cultural diversity reading list

5. Research an unfamiliar culture 

6. Post on social media a diversity quote and tag @heritageaccepted

7. Read a book about various cultures

8. Register to take a cultural diversity course

9. Watch an international movie

10. Interview a native of an unfamiliar culture

11. Plan to visit another country

12. Listen to international music of your choice

13. Cook a cultural dish

14. Learn a foreign language

15. Research your cultural background

16. Volunteer with an organization seeking to increase cultural awareness

17. Create a family tree

18. Support an author with culturally-based material 

19. Visit a cultural museum

20. Host or visit a cultural fair

21. Interview a family member about your cultural background

22. Skype another person from another country 

23. Read a book about your culture

24. Visit an international restaurant 

25. Create a cultural awareness event in your community and execute on NCAD every          year

26. Spend a day with a person of a different culture

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