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Binding: Softcovers

Publisher: White Garment Publishing Group, LLC

Publication Date: April 2019

The Ellis and Elise Collection

Expected to ship by June 2023.
  • The Ellis and Elise Collection 

    by Esther Clervaud, Ed.S.

    Ellis and Elise Defy the Odds

    National Cultural Awareness Day is a month away and Ellis and Elise are ready to get involved. But when a friend spurs cultural insults, they are led to an unthinkable place. Find out what happens when Ellis and Elise decide to do the impossible.

    Ellis and Elise Find a Friend 

    Ellis and Elise have been patiently awaiting the name of their pen pal. When they finally receive it, they encounter questionable beliefs from a friend. Find out what happens when they are forced to uncover the truth. 

    Ellis and Elise Discover a Crack

    It is the first day of school for Ellis and Elise, but it is not at all what they expected. Discover how one comment changed the course of the day. No one would have ever seen this coming!

    Ellis and Elise Learn to Merengue 

    Ellis and Elise couldn’t wait for family game night. Friends and families from the neighborhood were all coming over to compete for a family win. The game was prepared, the food was perfected, but nobody was ready for what was going to occur that night. Find out what happens when one dance leads to a voyage of a lifetime.   

    Ellis and Elise Choose Love

    Ellis and Elise love to read. They are usually good at predicting the ending to any story. But a trip to the public library challenges their skill of prediction and leads them to an unimagined ending. Find out how this unforgettable adventure compels them to make a choice.     

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