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"I cannot tell you how many times that I have asked various people in my life about their culture, especially when they ask me questions about mine, where they say "I don't know, I'm white."This is an excellent topic to address and expose in each and every one of us what our implicit biases are. Well done!"  Lisa

"This is so important, relevant, not often addressed well enough in school, and needs to be addressed as our society develops. This presenter was very positive, engaging, and used very effective activities to encourage understanding and active progress during and after the course." Ellen

"Presenter was genuine, well organized, and easy to listen to." Janet-Marie


"Well researched and communicated; practical application strategies." Joyce

"This topic is highly relevant in our current environment. Speaker was specific and non-judgmental in her presentation as she offered realistic strategies to overcome implicit biases. She was engaging with her eye contact and pleasant personality." Member of ContinuED

"Excellent speaker! Topic is applicable to all of life and of course work (patients, co-workers, etc) settings. She is knowledgable and goes into the topic with relatable things to do to increase cultural sensitivity without feeling like you're being lectured." Alicia

"It is very relevant to societal challenges today." Amanda

"The instructor provided clear and helpful activities, resources, and example action plans to explore ones own implicit biases, create connections with clients, and learn about cultures that are different from our own." Anonymous

"She's a great presenter. Kept my attention!" Diana

"I loved taking this course because the instructor made the information simple and easy to follow. This course set me on the right track to increase my culturally-inclusive mindset." Member of continuED

"I am so so happy that this course is available. Any person who works in service towards others should be required to take courses like this to improve services." - Member of ContinuED

"Very laid back approach to a VERY volatile subject, especially now during the Pandemic, election of 2020, BLM movement, militias, protests, propaganda. Good way to check ourselves and how are we contributing to the chaos and how we can tone it down." Linda

"Strategies for Creating a Culturally-Inclusive Mindset was one of the best courses that I have taken on I found the acronym LOVE helpful with remembering ways to have a culturally-inclusive mindset. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 learning activities that make the course more interactive, as well as insightful for my own implicit biases. I can't wait to take the implicit bias association test and look more into the Harvard Implicit study. I am certainly looking forward to additional classes offered by Ms. Clervaud." Sheri

"She is great at presenting!! Information was very easy to understand and held my interest throughout." Karen

"The lecturer is very knowledgeable and offered quality learning experience." Myrhjan

"important topic that every clinician should address with themselves. As a clinician and fieldwork educator, ive had students who are culturally insensitive or unable to bridge generational gaps and tailor their language and approach to said groups/people." Member of ContinuED

"I appreciated how positive and enthusiastic the presenter was. It felt motivating, and it is clear that she believes what she is teaching." Rachel

"I loved the learning and interactive activities. She was able to make this course very personal to each person. Culltural sensitivity is really important where I work in Home Health. I feel entering a person's private home requires clinicians to be even more culturally sensitive. I plan on having my whole family take the Harvard Implicit Bias Test!" Maggi

"This is the best course I have taken on this site. Great presenter, very engaging and interactive. I enjoyed it and really learned a lot. I liked leaving the course with a plan for further learning." Megan

"What a wonderful and refreshing course topic. WE NEED MORE OF THIS! It was interactive, engaging and most of all an extremely important topic I believe all people should listen to. The world needs more diversity and cultural training. Thank you Esther for this course. Can't wait to take the other courses you'll provide in the future. You are a beautiful person inside and out." Jennifer

"I considered myself not prodigious. I learned I have a lot to learn." Pam

"I enjoyed the different teaching strategies and giving some measurable ways to help people understand their biases and improve on inclusion of others." Member of ContinuED

"Presenter knowledgable in topic, presented in a down to earth manner and was interesting, Presenter was not judgemental in presenting how we could develop greater skills working with a wide range of populations." Michele

"I absolutely loved the interactive at home checklist games. It really opened my perspective to biases and prejudice I had that were unconscious." Lynsay

"Provided tools and examples to help further your knowledge, cultural inclusivity, and self awareness." Ashlyn

"The speaker is very engaging throughout the talk. The activities she provided, as well as doing a review of the concepts that were just discussed facilitated comprehension of all the concepts learned from this course. More importantly, providing an action plan at the end of the course is really excellent, since she encouraged us to try out the strategies to help us develop a culturally inclusive mindset in our interactions with people." Jayceleen

"I liked the activities. It made it interesting, mindful and made the content have more impact." Karen

"I appreciated the kind and generous approach of the presenter, as well as her strategies for improving ourselves with regard to mindfulness regarding other cultures." Cynthia

"The activities were helpful in showing how we respond with our own implicit biases." Nancy

"I loved all of the examples / scenarios the author used! Great real-world activities." Megan

"For me, it demonstrated the importance of checking in with ourselves about why we make the choices and decisions we make. For example, is it truly "best practice" or is it the influence of hidden agendas about which we may be unaware?" Diane

"The presenter presented the information in a very clean manner." Ashley 

"Wonderful takeaways and very thought-provoking." Stephanie

"This timely presentation is a good reminder for us examine our own implicit biases as they impact the populations we serve. Confirmation bias is a new concept for me, and I can already see how this has influenced my practice. It is always good to be more self-aware!" Member of ContinuED

"Very engaging intro course about implicit bias." Kathlene

"Presenter was very professional and even identified concepts that we do not even think about as an individual. This course was thought provoking." Cynthia

"Excellent presenter. Good examples gets one thinking!" Karen

"She has such a soothing voice - and loved the interactive activities." Lauren

"The speaker was pleasant to listen to and engaging." Jeanine

"I appreciated the Action Plan that the presenter walked the listener through at the end. This provide some key steps to follow to become more aware of our own implicit bias." Carolyn

"The presenter was really knowledgeable and gave great examples." Tracey

"Great information to continue more conversations about culture and diversity! Excellent resources to continue our individual paths and goals to learn more about culture. The quizzes were also eye-opening." Melissa

"Very eye opening." Sherry

"The presenter was passionate and engaging throughout. I loved the activities, strategies, and the goals created. I will definitely look into more classes from this series and presenter!" Megan

"I loved the instructor! She appeared so calm and happy to be sharing her knowledge! Very useful information and I could watch her all day!" Debra

"Presenter was nonjudgmental about implicit biases that all people have and how these are acquired. Also, how to get rid of them and grow, the most important thing." Paige

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