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"I enjoyed the curriculum on blues and jazz for the math class. I even learned somethings I didn’t know previously. My students enjoyed the curriculum too they could relate to the assignments because they are interested in music. Some students said they create songs or listen to certain songs to get through different times in their life. Great, great lesson!"  -D. Bennett, Math Teacher


"The lessons were refreshing and engaging. Students came in asking what the lesson was for the day in hope of learning more about the culture. They also talked amongst each other about what they learned in other classes. I personally enjoyed teaching the lesson. A definite welcomed break from the norm." -F. Goodwin, Math Teacher


"I loved the curriculum for my subject area and how it all tied together with the other subjects. The videos were interesting and applicable. My students were still singing the songs weeks later! The trivia game was fun! I ended up playing the entire game with my last class of the day just in case anyone missed any of the questions in their other classes. Thank you for such a well thought-out, kid-friendly curriculum. It provided a rich, engaging cultural experience for my students!" -L. Carraway, ELA Teacher


"I think that the content was relevant to Black History Month as well as in alignment with the academic subjects. I enjoyed teaching both science and social studies." -R. Allen, Special Education Teacher

Black History Month Full Curriculum

SKU: JL301
  • This curriculum unit serves only as a guide. Teachers are encouraged to differentiate and modify instruction to meet the needs of every student.

    Unit Summary: The purpose of this unit plan is to use an integrative approach to teach Black/African-American heritage. Using this approach, students will learn about Black culture through music, education, spirituality/religion, and acceptance. ​

    This curriculum includes printables, video links, and much more!

    Copyright laws apply.

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